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Duration: 2 Weeks

Tech stack: UI and UX Design, WordPress Development

Team: 1 UI/UX Designer, 1 WordPress Developer

Deliverables: CMS, Source code

For the Society of Engineers and Architects of Bolívar, in alliance with one of our most special partners, we designed and built a custom WordPress website, with the features and options they need to be able to share their newsletters, news and relevant information for their associates. We did this by analyzing their specific requirements, debating features and options between the SIABOL team and ours, then we went on to design LoFI Wireframes to be able to better clarify the sections and contents that would be handled; then we move on to the UI and UX Design part where we apply color, interactions and behaviors to finally move on to the web development part where our engineers programmed and developed the requested functionalities.

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