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Duration: 4 weeks

Tech stack: WordPress Development, UI and UX Design, Wireframes

Team: 2 UI/UX Designer, 1 WordPress Developer

Deliverables: Website, Source code

Proyecting AM y CIA is one of the most recognized companies on the Caribbean Coast in gas installations for commercial, institutional and industrial projects, in its projects, more than 2000Km2 have been intervened throughout the national territory, with solutions for all types of clients in places like Cartagena, Turbaco, Arjona, San Jacinto, Carmen de Bolívar, Bayunca, Puerto Berrio, Cisneros, Maceo, Segovia, San José Del Nus, Zaragoza, Bagre, Necoclí, San Gil, La Calera, Soacha and Bogotá DC

Projecting AM, needed to communicate its added value and business strength through different media and we were the ones selected to work in the web design and development area; process that was long but at the same time complete, dedicated, detailed where we covered many edges and user experiences.

We work hand in hand with the directors of Proyecting socializing new ideas, concepts, processes and different and innovative ways to achieve a more effective website when communicating, we provide cutting-edge designs and we work together in the application of these ideas and concepts in a tangible and actionable product that has represented the success of the company’s positioning in the market from the digital area.

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