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Duration: 3 weeks

Tech Stack: Wordpress Development

Team: 2 WordPress developers

Deliverables: CMS, source code

Boris, a talented Cartagena designer, is the founder of ŌRIZ® CoCrea, a Branding and Digital Marketing agency in Cartagena de Indias that in recent years has been recognized locally for its talent and human warmth, providing design and brand management solutions for clients of all types and sizes.

On top of everything, Boris and our CEO have been colleagues and friends for a while, collaborating and working together on several large projects, so Boris, deciding to boost his website, did not hesitate to select VPixel CO for the job.

The job.

The idea was to structure and revamp Oriz’s existing website, which was built on top of a well-known Page Builder, but this did not provide a certain degree of flexibility that Boris needed on his site, so after several meetings and socialization of requirements we got to work.

The solution.

We took the existing design and with the help of Boris we restructured the site in WordPress, establishing a series of types of custom posts and custom fields for the fields and values ​​that the projects that we wanted to show on the site should have, Likewise, a page of loading under Boris design specs in combination with excellent file delivery, load balancing and caching practices to better handle the loading of all the elements that make up the website.

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