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Miss Marie Handmade

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Miss Marie HM is a beautiful account on Instagram (which you can follow here: that experienced a dizzying growth in its sales and reach of people, going from being an account of 150 people to more than 3000 in a few months, thanks to the detail and beauty of its products. Naturally, they soon realized that they had to upgrade and take the next step to keep growing: a virtual store.

When María Fernanda, its owner, approached us, she told us that she needed a simple and clear place, where the simplicity of its elements reigned but maintaining a good balance in colors and shapes because the idea that we also proposed was to distract people. as little as possible. potential buyers and rather highlight the details of the products.

So when we started the project, we made several previous designs (Lo-fi and Hi-fi Wireframes) to organize and structure the store well and after approving these designs, we went to the development part, where we again used WordPress plus a plugin. called Woocommerce, strongly customized and structured to meet the needs of María F.

In the end, we delivered a dynamic, versatile and well-organized website, which, like María F. is a friend of ours, is constantly updated and supported.

Project Details

Duration: 3 weeks

Tech stack: WordPress Development, UI and UX Design, Wireframes

Team: 1 UI/UX Designer, 1 WordPress Developer

Deliverables: CMS, source code

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