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MCM Wedding Planner

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Duration: 2 Weeks

Tech stack: WordPress Development, Custom Themes and Plugins

Team: 1 WordPress Developer, 1 QA Engineer

Deliverables: CMS, Source code

María, a well-known wedding designer in the city of Cartagena, was recommended to us by one of our closest Partners to help her rebuild her website, which was made on the Godaddy Page Builder platform.

This platform is good for entrepreneurs and businesses that are taking their first steps into the digital world, but when these businesses reach a point in time, their digital needs exceed those that this type of platform can offer, a fact that happened to María and that’s why he decided to restructure his site and give it the flexibility and robustness it needed.

This is how we, following Maria’s guidelines and details, took the original MCM Wedding Planner design and programmed it using WordPress, our favorite CMS, building a special and personalized Theme for MCM WP and integrating a series of plugins that would extend it even further. the operation of the website.

That was how in two weeks, we finished the website and put it on the air, a site that gives Maria the flexibility she was looking for by having a dynamic and customizable CMS for any present or future marketing requirement.

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