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Altis Group

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Duration: 2 weeks

Tech stack: UI and UX Design, WordPress Development

Team: 1 UI/UX Designer, 1 WordPress Developer

Deliverables: Landing Page

Altis Group is a financial solution for the purchase of assets in Cartagena and different cities along the coast. At Altis Group, people interested in buying, selling or leasing real estate can find a true ally when it comes to knowing and managing very exclusive and elegant real estate, which is why Altis needed to communicate that promise of accompaniment through a website, advice and administration.

Therefore, for them we designed a website focused on exclusivity, simplicity and visual cleanliness, consistently balancing all its elements, thus achieving a pleasant experience for its visitors. The site was built with WordPress but integrating the platform that Altis uses to manage its properties called WASI. Altis Group, an ally in property management, has a website to suit your needs.

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Alejandra Ramírez

WordPress Development, Visual Design and UX, Brand Design

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