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Alejandra Ramírez

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Alejandra was one of the first clients we had when we launched VPixel CO in 2016.


And when she came to us, she needed to create a digital platform where she could upload and share her personal entries as a Blog, since Alejandra has always been a woman with a lot to share, wise and willing to share her knowledge and experiences. everyone. as possible.

The solution we proposed was to design and build a blog using WordPress as the main CMS, naturally using a 100% personalized design in Alejandra’s brand and identity, so in the first days of development we met several times to define this design, behavior and flow of the product. Then, with this already defined, we proceeded to build and program the website.

In the end, Alejandra obtained in 2017 a website of international stature, 100% personalized and according to her needs; website that has also been updated and optimized based on the updates and changes Ale has made to his business and personal branding, prompting the website to undergo a revamp in 2020 to integrate a theme and masterclass of e-commerce and marketing courses.

Project Details

Duration: Ongoing project

Tech stack: UI and UX Design, Wireframes, WordPress Development, Custom Themes and Plugins

Team: 1 UI/UX Designer, 1 WordPress Developer

Deliverables: CMS, source code

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