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ACD Consultores

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A company with true social meaning.

ACD Consultores is a Cartagena company, highly recognized in the Social Management sector and supporting the most sensitive communities in our Country. However, their digital presence needed a substantial improvement, so in 2018 they contacted us and decided to give their website a new look.

The action plan.

Thus, we fulfilled and established an action plan, we extracted the specific requirements they had, among which it was highlighted to show in a more clear, friendly and simple way the works and the social impact that ACD’s efforts and projects have, as well as to centralize. your public information, such as newsletters, hiring, research, allies and others; it had to be visible without any effort on the part of the visitors.

The solution.

Naturally, the best option to solve ACD’s needs was to develop a website in WordPress, which thanks to the dynamism of its components, can give you the flexibility to create custom post types (custom post types) and organize said content by categories and Likewise, the labels unify the way in which all the content is handled under a single common platform.

In the end, after several Feedback processes, meetings, changes and updates to continue improving the product, we launched, since 2019, ACD has a website that is 100% manageable in content, photos and other materials, which has been streamlined with Over time. and in an integrated way and related to your needs.

Project Details

Duration: 7 Weeks

Tech stack: UI and UX Design, Wireframes, WordPress Development, Custom Themes and Plugins

Team: 1 UI/UX Designer, 2 WordPress Developers, 1 QA Engineer, 1 Product Manager

Deliverables: CMS, Source code

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