A small but powerful team, ready to give you their best

We are a team that seeks to be the technical and technological support of companies that want to go further, expand and grow without committing too many resources in a full-time development team.

An efficient team to make you grow faster

We have a professional team of people that brings value to each project we work in, not only from a quality and design perspective, but from a human and collaboration one.

Today, we have a team of:

  • 4 Visual UI and UX Designers
  • 5 Web Developers
  • 2 Project Managers
  • 1 Digital Marketing Specialist
  • 4 Staff and Commercial People
Our Senior Team, VPixel CO

Friends, partners, team

Introducing to our Partner & Brother in Business

An incredible advertising agency that vibrates with great ideas and sees each project, art, design and proposal with a unique perspective. Co-creating new forms of cultural perception of companies through unique and relevant brands.

Explore their work, clients and experience which we feel proud to work with 🤘


Our culture and values

Giving the best of us

In each project and activity we raise the bar, we go one step further by expanding the borders

One team, one goal

We are not “employees”, we are a team that moves as one, growing, advancing and building great things together

We work hard but we love to have fun

We enjoy the trip, we like to enjoy life and enjoy it all together, having a good time while making incredible products

It’s all about collaborating

Our clients and allies are the most important, that is why we collaborate with them on things that even go beyond our contract, all to make them a digital success

Located in 🇨🇴, but operating around the world 🌎

The Internet and COVID-19 opened the doors for us to expand our services from Colombia to LATAM, the United States and the world.

We know that 2020 changed the world and changed our lives. This COVID-19 pandemic pushed us to evolve and rethink many aspects of our lives: fun, social interactions, family gatherings, school, and work.

So we also need to evolve and take advantage of these times, and that is why we left our office behind and became a 100% remote studio. Now, we are pleased to work with clients in the US, Australia, and Spain, providing them with quality digital products at a fraction of the cost.

You can stop reading now and let's start today! 🚀

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